I had this realisation today about the power of duality and I feel it is a very important message that needs to get out there.

I want you to take a coin and a marker and draw one side of the coin.

Now imagine you are that coin.

Photo by Erkan Utu on Pexels.com

You see, each time you make an act of kindness, the clean side of the coin gets cleaner.

Each time you do an act of harm, the dirty side of the coin gets dirtier.

If you decide to follow the clean path of the coin, which most people think it is the correct way to go, you are making the cleaner side of the coin stronger, but equally, you are making the dirty side of the coin dirtier, and equally strong.

You see, in this world there is duality. You cannot experience love, without experiencing hate. And vice-versa. If one dies, the other one dies too. If one exists, the opposite must exist with the same intensity. How can you define one or the other without creating its opposite?

The more you follow one path, and become stronger in love, compassion, forgiveness and so on, an equally part of you exists in the world, equally strong in hate, envy and aggressiveness. If you deny to accept this side of the coin inside yourself, then that side will manifest in the form of other people, who will be very drown to you and orbit in your surroundings.

When you start to heal, and release parts of yourself that you do not like, those parts are not destroyed, they just manifest in a different form or person in the world.

When you clean your house, all the dust and garbage does not evaporate. It is just transported to an other place. And that garbage eventually returns to you, in the form of soil or air pollution. The best compost for plants is made out of dead scraps and excrements. The plants do not reject the garbage. They thrive out of it. They also thrive from the “clean” and pure elements, from water and sun.

When there is a country full of peace, a war starts in the other side of the world.

Same goes the other way around. When someone choses the path of “evil”, deceiving and doing harm on others, rejecting the good in themselves, that good does not go away. They will attract the most kind and forgiving people in their lives that will cause them a really hard time.

We are not separate. We are just the same coin, moving parts of ourselves from one place to the other.

Some of us are scared of the dark side of life and try to avoid it. We tell the truth , we love, we forgive and run away from people who are not like that. We say they are toxic. In the same way the “toxic” ones can’t stand the “good” people. They are annoyed by them. They cannot understand them and their ways. They judge them, hate them and even envy them.

Ironically, feeding one side of the coin, equally feeds the other side and they both become equally powerful. The more powerful they get, the more they try to destroy their opponent, because the coin becomes like a magnet with perfectly opposing poles, negative and positive. If both sides would be mixed with negative and positive, in acceptance, it would be a balance. But once each side becomes 100% positive and 100% negative or close to that, they will try to destroy and control each other. And this is a war where nobody wins. You cannot win against yourself. Love cannot win against hate and vice-versa, when they are one and the same, just different sides of the story.

The solution? Acceptance.

You cannot avoid this. You cannot experience peace without experience anger, you cannot experience happiness without experiencing sadness, you cannot experience hate without experiencing love . Believe or not some people enjoy anger very much. It makes them feel powerful. To avoid one side of the coin would mean to just avoid it all. To live in a complete void, where there s absolutely nothing. No love, no hate, no peace, no nothing. That is the only way, but this life is not build like that. Maybe only in death we can find that void, but it is not a guarantee.

So take a step back, and see the whole coin. Accept the coin as it is. If you want to clean one side , fine. If you want to draw more on the other side, fine But remember, it will eventually come and bite you, like a snake eating its own tail. Nothing disappears, it just gets misplaced, for a temporary time.

Mankind’s biggest disease

You may think mankind’s biggest disease is hatred, greed or lack of compassion but actually mankind’s biggest disease is control. And it doesn’t happen on the top levels, in those who govern countries, cities or institutions. No. It happens everywhere, in the average person. We are all part of this disease. Let me exemplify.

Photo by Harrison Candlin on Pexels.com

The child-parent dynamic

At first, the control is manifested by the parent. It is done to such extent that the child’s life is meticulously controlled by the parent before the child is even born. What he will wear, how he would behave, how he would look and what profession he would have. The argument of the parent is simple, but absurd : “I made you. I am your parent.” If the child doesn’t behave as the parent’s wants and desires, there is punishment, either physical or emotional.

As the child grows, he may learn how to control his parent to get what he wants. He may learn that acting a certain way or saying a certain thing, will make his parents do what he wants or at least avoid doing something he fears. The child learns how to deceive and wear a mask.

It is all a big masquerade. A vicious and sick masquerade that can continue for years.

The relationship dynamic ( romantic or platonic)

As the child becomes an adult and starts to interact with other people, making all sorts of relationships, the control disease not only continues, but becomes more vicious and severe. It is like an open wound turning into a gangrene.

The adult now has discovered more tools to use and gain control over the other, like money, sex, possessions, looks, job titles, status and emotions (guilt, shame, silent treatments and fake affection)

Commitment in a relationship is not about safety, loyalty or trust. It it is about control. Planning the future (where is this going, what should we purchase, where should we travel etc) is not about building a life together. It is about control.

You don’t trust life. And you expect trust from a partner. What a joke. As long as one or both the partners tries to control the other in any way , trust is non-applicable. Trust and control cannot co-exist.

The society dynamic

Inside the society, every possible institution or company will want to control you. And a lot of them will 100% succeed. Religion will control what you think is wrong or right. Schools will control what to learn and what you believe as “fact”. Mass media will control your view about the external world and what to fear. Private companies will control what you wear, what you eat, what you buy. Politicians will use all of the above to control you as a whole and distract you as much as possible from the reality that you are a slave.

The inner control dynamic

This type of control is manifested as self harm. It is the control we impose into ourselves. Trying to control our emotions, our thoughts or the views of others about us. In time, this suppression turns us into robots. Beings without life, with calculated moves and tones of voice. The more you control yourself, the more dead, and life-less you become.

Control versus Power

Those on top of society are hungry for power. Unfortunately for them, the ones who seek to have power could never have power. They can only have control. The ones who truly have power, are the ones who do not seek it. Power is an internal state of being. It is an inside force that radiates like the sun. The power is not harmful and doesn’t suppress . The power expands to others. The power unites and inspires.

Some also mistake money for power. Money is just a tool that can be used in control. Like deceit, sex, guild, shame, and other manipulation tactics or tools.

Control versus Responsibility

Being responsible simply means taking accountability for your actions. Deciding to go one way and taking on all the consequences that comes with that. Control does not make you responsible. Control does not make you mature. It just shows your lack of integrity. Because someone who seems to have everything under control, clearly used manipulation tools which most of the times are not ethical. You cannot use control without using some sort of deceit. Because life cannot be controlled. And life is truth. A truly responsible person will be the one who creates the chaos. Because a responsible person speaks the truth. And the truth can cause disruption and destroy the facades.

Control versus Love

Finding true love is hard in this world and so many try to define it and justify their actions in the name of it. But just notice this. A person who controls, is not capable of love. Love is part of life, so it cannot be controlled. A flower does not control itself. It blooms, it spreads its perfume and it dies. It does not try to control the other flowers. A flower is full of love. A flower radiates love. A river that flows radiates loves. A river does not try to control itself or others. it just flows. Humans on the other hand try to control its course. It stops it from flowing building dams, which eventually break and cause floods. A seed of control planted in a relationship is like a ticking bomb ready to explode. And love cannot grow in a war zone.

Control versus Action

Control has nothing to do with physical action. You can simply manifest control with your thoughts and imagination. You can create a very realistic prison in your head. Releasing control does not mean you become inactive. On the contrary. Letting go of control, will tear down the walls. It will make you feel alive again. It will make you feel inspired. And when the inspiration is strong, action just comes naturally. And it is not a forced action. It is joyful action. It is fulfilling action. It is an action that creates and expands your soul. And this type of action is the most powerful.

The cure for control

The first step in healing any disease is identifying the root cause, which in this case, is the fear of death.

Life is unpredictable. Life is uncertain. Life cannot be controlled. And life goes hand in hand with death. At every step you live your life, you can step into death. You cannot have one without the other. The moment you start to deny and suppress death, you start to deny and suppress life. And this is how control starts.

The more you try to control everything around you, the more you are scared of death. You have to accept death. You have to accept that life is not meant to be controlled. People are not meant to be controlled. Life is meant to be lived and experienced, in the present moment.

The moment you start to control and to plan, you are already dead. A walking dead. The spark of life is dead. The beauty of unpredictability is dead. You become bored and lifeless.

When you are trying to control your partner, you are killing him/her. You are destroying the uniqueness and beauty of their unpredictability, by doing and saying what you want them to do. You are killing everything around you. Trying to control your pet, your friends, your coworkers, your surroundings, even the weather. Stop it! Just let life be. Let other people be. Let life flow through your veins, along with death.

Replacing control with intention

Instead of using control to live your life, use intention. Know yourself. Discover what makes you happy and set intentions. Don’t stress about how to get there. The less you plan and stress about it, the faster you get there. You stress all day about your future. But can’t you see? The future is merely a reflection of your present. How do you expect to be happy in the future if you are miserable right now? Happiness cannot happen with planning and control. You simply cannot control yourself into being happy. You are lying to yourself! Happiness can only be when you let go of control. Safety and security is not happiness. Safety is a cage you build around yourself, preventing happiness to get in. Preventing life to get in. How can you say you live life when you are in a cage? The more safety measures you take, the thicker the walls of you cage. Are you investing in tools for creation and expansion or are you investing in your cage?

The best gift you can give to others is releasing your control over them. Much love to you all!

True Colors – Part 2

He was magical and fun, 

He was brighter than the sun. 

But his parents had a vision, 

And they came with a decision. 

‘Oh my dearest, lovely Po 

We must say it’s time to go. 

Tummy colors are distractions. 

You must learn writing and fractions.’ 

You must shape your tummy structure, 

To support you and to nurture, 

To sustain your daily life, 

To bring harmony and light. 

You must learn to be like others, 

And give up most of your colors. 

You must focus, go to work, 

So you won’t get sad and broke. 

True Colors – Part 1

In a Monday afternoon, 

Po was playing in his room. 

He imagined being king 

Casting magic through a ring. 

When you look at Po at first, 

You can feel emotions burst 

Through this cat like, gloomy face 

And a tummy spreading grace. 

When he’s happy, you can tell. 

When he’s angry, sad, as well. 

Rainbows change from proud and bright 

Into gray, or black as night. 

When at sleep, his tummy shows, 

Galaxies that no one knows. 

Such amazing magic sights, 

Filled with dust, colors and lights. 

Po has an amazing mind, 

You can say, one of a kind. 

Every day he’s someone else, 

Even if it makes no sense. 

One day, he’s a map creator, 

Next day he’s a dominator. 

One day he’s a dancing fairy, 

Next day he’s just ordinary. 

The Green Suit – Chapter 2 – The 4G Quadrant

Peridot is sitting with his posterior on one of the working desks, joggling his feet in the air, being too short to touch the ground. He watches Homar arranging in perfect order the scattered remaining parts. Usually, after everything is put in place, Homar has the habit of wiping his forehead with his right palm and standing tall, with his hands placed on his hips, gazing at the new clean space. 

“Good, now that you’re done, can we get to the mission?” asks Peridot, with a big smile and wide eyes. 

“What mission?” 

“The lady on the bus…she left us the address. I have it in the database.” 

“Ah yes, sure, sure. Let’s see. Where does this lady live?” 

“Quadrant 4G, 6A building, room 2B.” 

“Quadrant 4G? Are you sure?” 

“Yes, that’s what it says.” 

“That’s impossible. Maybe it’s a scanning error? I can swear there are only 6 quadrants in this city, from 4A to 4F. “ 

With a puzzled face, Homar pulls out a small device from his pocket and starts addressing it: “City Map 2g7k2.” 

Immediately, the device begins to project the map of the city, which Homar can manipulate using verbal commands. 

“Hmm … that’s strange. It seem that quadrant 4G exists on the map but it is not populated with streets or landmarks. It’s like there’s nothing there.” 

“Nothing or not, the lady lives there, so we must go anyway. How can we get to this place?” 

“According to the map, we have to change three buses, but the closest bus station to 4G quadrant is hundreds of steps away. So after we arrive there we will have to go on foot until we find 6A building.” 

“Perfect! Let’s go then.” 

“But Peridot, don’t you find a bit strange what’s going on?” 

“Yes I do Homar. It’s very strange. That’s why I can’t wait to get there. It’s also very exciting!” 

Homar looked at Peridot with a troubled and angry look, but deep down he agreed with him. 

“Alright, alright. Let’s go and see.” 

After changing the 3 buses, the landscape observed through the window was getting darker and darker, with fewer sources of illumination. With each passing station, the bus emptied more and more, until only the two of them remained inside. 

“Peridot , let’s be honest here. Aren’t you a bit afraid?” 

“Ah, yes, of course I am. Recently I polished my shoes, and I’m afraid I’ll step into some nasty stuff left by the burgundians. My nocturnal eyes are not as they used to be.” 

Homar feels a sudden tremble in his stomach, and then starts laughing hysterically. He was not even sure whether the laughter was caused by his partner’s cute naivety, or whether it was a defense mechanism against the worry and fear of the unknown. Peridot, a little confused, begins to laugh as loudly, being incredibly amused by the noise of his partner’s laughter, which he heard for the first time. The fun is suddenly interrupted by a feminine robotic voice: “This is the final stop. Please leave the vehicle. Please leave the vehicle”. The two of them get a bit shaken in their chair, take their bags on their shoulders, and exit the bus. The only nearby light sources were some public illumination at thousands of steps away, the orange moon in the sky, and the windows of the bus that was making a turn back to the city. Homar pulls out the device attached to his belt, presses some buttons, then a strong blue light is projected in front of them. Peridot follows him, making the same maneuver. After scanning the surrounded area he points out: 

“Haha, you laughed at me, Homar, but as you can see, it’s full of excrement on the ground.” 

“Oh I see Peridot,” said Homar a little worried, “but they seem a bit too big to be produced by burgundians.” 

“Well who knows, maybe through these places they eat a lot better than in the city. I may be mistaken but it looks like there are some agricultural fields in the distance” 

“Maybe. In any case, let’s not waste time. We should be heading in the opposite direction of the city, and in order not to get lost, please save in the database the location and the path we’re following. I will emit the light, and I will constantly consult with the map.” 

“Very well partner,” said Peridot as he pushed some buttons on his device, “Let’s go!” 

 The path was well defined, being covered with small stones, in between some crops of wild plants. The energy emitted by the orange moon favored the pollination of the nocturnal plants, which scattered luminescent pollen into the air, creating a mystical atmosphere with millions of floating radiant dots. When the light emitted by Homar’s device touched the pollen, it scattered rapidly, acting like a clever defense mechanism. 

The deep tranquility of the place, away from the noise of the city, gave them a state of comfort and inner peace, occasionally interrupted by the fear of the unknown. At one point, Homar dropped the device from his hand, startled by a loud, animal-like scream. Peridot stops for a few moments, then puts his hand on Homar’s shoulder. 

“Are you alright partner? Please, stay calm. It’s just my stomach growling. Did you bring any resources? I’m starving!” 

Startled and a little nervous, Homar searches the tool bag, and pulls out a sealed transparent bag full of some white cubes. 

“Here you go ! please do not eat them all. We don’t know what hungry creatures are waiting for us in these places. It’s good to have something to offer them in case we are attacked.” 

Peridot nods approvingly, opens quickly the bag and shoves into his mouth half the cubes . As he was preparing to chew, he notices a faint light flashing in two tones, blue and green. 

“Homar, look! I think we’re approaching the lady’s home! “ 

Homar turns off the light emitted by his device to see clearer, and confirms: 

“Yes, it’s true. We finally have a reaching point.” 

 With a calm smile and a tired face, he stares at the sky full of stars, closes his eyes and says out loud , “Thank you Universe!” 

The new landmark discovered encourages them to accelerate the pace, having now a clear target. Peridot even skipped chewing his food, swallowing almost all the cubes,  in order to breathe properly at the new speed. 

As they approached more the flashing lights, they began to realize that they were a lot more far away than anticipated, and at the same time, they started to notice thousands of other identical and synchronized lights coming out of the horizon. After about 1,000 steps, equivalent to 3 bus stops, Homar could finally turn out the light emitted by his own device, the trail being more and more visible without its help. 

“What a lousy administration this city has Peridot. Why would they deny access to bus transportation to this wonderful neighborhood, where certainly thousands of fellow citizens live.” 

“Surely! although I would not mind walking daily this route , surrounded by so many beautiful lights. It kind of reminds me of my home planet.” 

“Really? How was your planet Peridot?” 

“Hmm…how should I explain this? It was basically alive! And full of love. She treated us like her children, not like some parasites that consume her resources. It was mutual respect.” 

“But what happened? How did you end up here?” 

“They needed volunteers and I offered. It was my decision, trusting I was going to learn new things, but it does not pass on a day without thinking about my planet. I miss her so much…” 

Homar did not know how to react to these new emotional affirmations. He was not accustomed seeing his partner sad or melancholic ,since he always had a big smile on his face. He preferred to ignore the situation, and to focus on the path. The lights were getting closer, and it was easy to distinguish their source. The scenery they were seeing in front of their eyes was so confusing that they preferred not to speak until they fully reached it. 

“Peridot, do you see what I see? Is this real?” 

“I hope so! “ 

The light source began to be distinguished.  

“Are these..plants?” 

“Yes.. huge woody plants … They resemble trees, but they have a weird color and more branches than usual.” 

The two watched the wonderful scene in front of them. The air was fresh and fragrant, driving away all the fatigue accumulated on the road. There was a sound of flowing water, vibrating  with melodic lines. Along the trail, on one side and the other, there were thousands of gray plants, with rigorous, woody bark, with branches holding bright globes that flashed synchronously in two colors. Their trunk was very tall, and very thick, requiring at least 20 persons to embrace it in their arms. Peridot felt a warm feeling inside his heart like a loving embrace , as the surrounding atmosphere reminded him of his mother planet. All of a sudden he gets excited and curious like a child and rushes towards one of the trees to touch it. As he reaches half a step away from one of them, the floor lights up, and a bright light comes out of the bark indicating a code: 2A. 

“Homar! Look, look ! These are not ordinary trees.” 

“No,” said Homar, with his eyes wide-eyed, “these are homes.” 

To be continued

The Green Suit – Chapter 1 -The Evaluation

As soon as the light emitted by the orange moon came through the window of Homar’s apartment, he put on his suit, took his tool bag and walked out the door. No one requested him to be at work at an exact time, but he liked to build his own rituals which he followed strictly. “I cannot control how the moon will rise tomorrow, but I can control my actions,” thought Homar as he waited for the bus. In the deserted station the burgundians were keeping him company. Burgundians were a type of bird adapted to city life, feeding on scraps thrown by passers. They had white feathers, long necks and thin beaks. They were docile and easy to pick up and they would wrap their neck around your arm, if you let them. Homar starts searching his pockets and finds some food crumbs. As soon as the bus arrives in the station, he climbs the stairs at the bus entrance and throws the crumbs towards the birds before the door closes. The Burgundians rushed so violently for the food that their necks began to cling to each other like hooks. 

Inside the bus, Homar chooses a seat next to a window and gazes at the round glass. Because of the lack of visibility and the bright light inside, he could perfectly see the reflection of his face. He had a pale, wrinkled skin, as an elephant, but in a light yellow color, with a white mustache and white eyebrows. He was wearing a purple suit, soft to the touch but made of a waterproof material. The color and shape of the suit indicated his age and profession, in case someone needed his services and wanted to approach him directly. After the 10th station, which he had meticulously counted, he exited the bus, and approached a 42-storey building. As he stepped inside, the floor lighted automatically, indicating the route to the elevator. His office was on the top floor, giving him the panoramic view of the city. Unfortunately, he could not enjoy the view, because of the strong illumination of the room, which started automatically when he stepped inside. Near the window there were two working tables, full of tools of various shapes, next to a monitor screen supported on 2 legs. There were many screws and electric pads on the ground. 

After a long and deep sigh, he pulls out a box with many compartments and starts to place the pieces by category.”X2c2 screw goes to x2c2 compartment, key m34c goes to m34c, 4kxc screw goes to 4kxc … piece 2b6a goes to … 

Suddenly a silly loud voice interrupts him: 

“Heeeeeey partner! How are you, how’s it goin’?” 

“Hello…can you guess what I’m doing?” 

“I know, I know … forgive me. I left them like that. The good news is I’ve discovered the cause of the erroneous display. It was code 2555! No, no … 2556 … No … 2555.” 

“As usual, I’m going to write in the inventory 2555 with inclusion of 2556.” 

“Perfect! What would I do without you?” 

Homar takes a deep breath and continues to place all of the pieces in the specific order. 

“Part 2b6a goes to 2b6a. Key 27fv goes to 27fv. Xc90 board goes to …” 

After a long pause in which he gazed at the floor, Homar addresses his partner in a shaky tone. 

“Peridot,  in what quadrant are we in?” 

“Are you serious Homar? How should I know? I do not even know what a quadrant is .. but no worries, I will find out right away. As he had finished talking, Peridot pulls out an electronic device from his pocket, chained to his belt. By a simple vertical move in the air, the device screen lights up, and starts beeping. Peridot approaches it with his mouth, and addresses it, in a serious and deep tone: “Define Quadrant !” 

“Beep Beep Beep…Quadrant … element of measurement of the intergalactic rotation versus temporal space. We are in quadrant 2, limit 3.” 

“Homar, did you understand what it said?” 

“No no no no…” 

“Yeah I knew it! Me neither.” 

“No, that’s not good! No, no … quadrant 2, limit 3 … it’s the date of our assessment … we have to go to the councils headquarters!” 

“Ok, no problem. We can do that. But why are you so agitated? You are scaring me..” 

“Don’t you understand Peridot? I have calculated the galactic calendar wrongly! Me of all people ! I thought we were in the 2.77 limit, not 3. I am not ready for this evaluation … and it’s all your fault !!” 

“My fault? Why?” 

“Oh … because I always have to take care of everything … remember the important data!” 

“But Homar, no one forces you to do that.” 

“I don’t have time for this. Let’s go!” 

Peridot shrugged, took his bag and followed Homar to the elevator. Inside the elevator there was a green-tinted mirror. Homar looked frowning at Peridot’s reflection, which had the habit of straying in the mirror. Besides the difference in expression of the face, the difference in stature was evident between the two, Peridot being twice as small in stature and two times bigger in weight. He was wearing the same purple suit, and due to the thickness of his limbs, the costume made squishy noises at every step. The whole body had a short greenish fur, and sharp ears like a cat. 

 “What’s wrong with you Peridot?” asked Homar in an angry tone. 

“These are my facial beauty exercises. Keeps the fur  smooth and the face glossy. Every time I see a mirror, I remember I have to do it. Do you want to try?” 

“No thank you. I just hope from all my heart that the council doesn’t have mirrors .” 

“Don’t worry Homar, there are no mirrors there.” 

“How do you know?” 

“Well, after visiting it about 100 times, I think I would have remembered seeing one.” 

“100 times ??? You’re joking, right? That would mean you are over 50,00 orange moon periods.” 

“I did not count them, but it seems plausible.” 

“But how? Does that mean you’re older than me? 1000 times older than me ???” 

“Maybe even more Homar. On my home planet we measure the age in red moon periods.” 


7 bus stations later, the two arrive at the council. They were welcomed by a creature with 20 arms, which scans a code on their costume and sends them to a waiting room,  at the end of a long corridor, 3 floors above. 

“I have to admit Peridot, I am very nervous. I did not prepare at all. What if I mess up a mission? I usually memorize all the error codes, but what if I miss a code? What If I miss a code, Peridot? Tell me quickly, which code will they ask me???” 

“I do not remember Homar asking any code. At least 1000 orange moon periods passed since then. Besides, you know I never remember data like you do.” 

“Hmm..I am now realizing that maybe the reason why you never know anything is not because you are unfocused, but because you are just incredibly old!” 

 Homer yelled the word “old” so loud that the long corridor produced a long echo. In a few moments an individual walks into the room and pulls a chair, sitting in front of the two. He was wearing goggles with thick, black frames and he had a giant hump in the back like a turtle. 

“And you are ?” the turtle like creature asks Homar, looking aggressively at him over his glasses and with his chin inside his neck. 

“Homar is my name, sir.” 

“Alright … I’m Brascov. I already know Mr. Peridot . Yeah. Let’s start the evaluation. Peridot … what’s code 555?” 

“I do not know!” said Peridot, with a naive smile on his face and gloomy eyes. 

“If you allow me Mr. Brascov, code 555 means …” 

“I was not talking to you, Homar!” 

A deep tranquility takes over the room. Then Brascov continues: 

“Homar … imagine the following situation: You get to the office, and find the room very messy with multiple pieces on the floor and on the tables. At the same time, a fellow citizen walks over and asks a technical question. What problem do you solve first?” 

Homar parallelizes , and begins to feel a drop of sweat on his neck. He holds his hands tightly together, feeling them very cold. He knew it was more important to deal with the fellow citizens’ questions, but the thought of a messy office was eating him inside. After a long pause, and with an empty gaze at the floor, he says softly: 

“I put the pieces in order first, sir.” 

“Mhmm … well. I’m done here. Please go back to the post  gentlemen,” said Brascov in a harsh tone as he stamped some documents. 

“That’s all? Are you sure …” 

“Please, Mr. Homar, don’t make this difficult and let this OLD body rest. Goodbye! 

 On the way back , Homar choses a seat in the bus next to a window, staring blankly, sighing and almost with tears in his eyes. 

“I don’t understand Peridot, how did he know I had a problem with clutter? How did he know you are bad with codes? You may be a bit forgetful, but you are one of the best electronics technician I’ve ever met.” 

“Thank you partner. And you are the most organized and diligent electronics-robotic analyst I’ve ever met. But do not worry. It’s their job to look for our weaknesses. No matter how hard you try, they will still find in you an error. But still, they trust to send you back to the post.” 

“But what about a bit of gratitude? Does anyone care that I’m trying to do a good job? It makes sense to come every day …” 

Suddenly Homar’s emotional speech was interrupted gently by a feminine voice: 

“Sorry to bother you..” 

“Yes, madame,” said Peridot, with a calm smile on his face. 

“Your costumes suggests that you take care of data maintenance.” 

“Yes madame! At duty. How can we help?” 

“In the building where I live,  the downstairs screen shows that I need 5000 energy follicles for the current month when I consume only 3000 on average. What happened?” 

 ‘Allow me to scan your suit, and we’ll handle your problem as soon as we can.” 

“Of course.” 

By the time his partner searched for the scanning device, Homar had time to observe the lady’s appearance. She had short, brown hair, and light blue skin. The arms were so short that the sleeves of the green suit covered half the palms. Judging by the stature and color of the costume, Homar assumed she was of average age in orange moon periods, and serves food in public places. 

“Very well madame, the costume is scanned.” 

“Thanks a lot!” 

“With pleasure! We will see you soon! “ 

“I hope so,” said the lady with a strange glow in her eyes. 

After the 7th station, the two exit the bus and head for the elevator of the 42-storey building. Peridot turns to Homar and yells at him enthusiastically: 

“I think the lady on the bus answered your question!” 

“What do you mean?” 

“For them you come to the post Homar! For the fellow citizens!“ 

Homar looks at Peridot approvingly and smiles under his thick moustache. He suddenly feels like a stone is lifted from his chest, and the assessment suddenly becomes just an unpleasant memory. 

To be continued….

15 Things Pharmaceutical Companies and Religions Have in Common

Hi! Good Morning!

1. Their products / teachings imply rituals

A ritual is something performed according to a prescribed order. Take this pill 3 times a day, one in the morning, one at noon, before eating and one before bedtime. Perform this prayer 10 times a day. Can you spot the similarity?

2. You usually get in contact with them, when most vulnerable

When you are in a vulnerable state, let’s face it, you can get more desperate, and more easily manipulated (unfortunately). The fear of illness or death, can make you turn to all sorts of institutions that promise hope and make you decide from a less clear state of mind.

3. They promise a magical solution or quick fix for your problems

There are many people who call ignorant the ones that believe in the power of prayer or holly water, but at the same time believe blindly in a substance or vaccine that can cure any illness developed in time. There is no such thing as a magical solution. This is an illusion. Healing first of all require acknowledgement of the cause by taking responsibility for your daily habits and choices that lead to illness. You cannot live a completely unhealthy life, and expect a miracle potion or prayer that can make you better overnight, without putting in some work. The time for healing is direct proportional with the time the illness took to be developed.

4. They blame the symptoms of your illness or vulnerable state on a villain persona, that cannot be seen by your own eyes, and must be defeated

For you to believe the existence of a magic solution or quick fix, there must also exist someone or something to put the blame on, that is outside of yourself and that can be “killed”. It is easier to blame a demon or a virus for your poor emotional or physical health, than actually acknowledging the bad daily habits that inevitable caused the problem over time.

5. They advertise their products / services

Pharmaceutical companies are promoting their products all over the place. They present their offers to the medical practitioners, and offer commissions. They promote their products on billboards and in TV commercials.

Religions had done their part for hundreds of years, by word of mouth with missioners, that still practice this to this day. They also advertise themselves with objects of cult, paintings or decorations and numerous books describing specific rituals or prayers.

6. Their prosperity and success are based on your continuous vulnerability and fear.

The healthier you become, the less you will consume pharmaceutical products. The healthier you become, the less you will feel the need to look for God in specific places or people, and realize that God is always within yourself at all times. It may seem it is not in their interest for you to be healthy.

7. Their buildings can be found in the most remoted places

The are a lot of villages or small cities, that don’t have basic utilities, decent food and water supplies, or access to education, but they have a church or a pharmacy,

8. Their products / services can only treat the symptoms and not the cause

To find the cause for a problem it requires a lot of soul searching, acknowledging and taking responsibility for your bad habits that led to that, habits that can be in the form of physical (unhealthy eating, lack of exercises) or emotional/psychological (bad thought patterns, self-sabotage, victimisation, blaming etc)

Their products / services offer relief in the moment. But if you don’t uncover the cause for the problem, and you continue to live your life as before, you will fall into the same pattern or illness after some time.

9. Their products/ services can cause addiction

The addiction is related to the avoidance for treating the cause. The relief feels good in the moment. The pills stop the headache for a few hours. The prayer stops the anxiety for a day. But if you do not acknowledge and treat the cause, you become addicted to the temporary relief. There is no difference between someone who cannot feel good without alcohol and someone who cannot feel good without a specific medicine or type of prayer.

10. They have more in common with their “competitors” than they like to admit

Religions have a lot of things in common. Even the story of the characters worshiped have similar life paths and teachings but with different names. Even so, there are a lot of religions that promote themselves as being the “worthy” or “holy” ones, and deny other religious practitioners from Heaven access after death. They consider that only practicing their religion can promise you a spot in Heaven.

Similarly, pharmaceutical companies sell the same medicine, with exactly the same ingredients, but with different names, and different prices.

11. They are quite expensive over a lifetime

For the pharmaceuticals, it is pretty obvious.

For religions, it may not be that obvious, but think about it. Every person in this world is being born and dies. Only these two events require some sort of ritual, according to your religion, that implies some costs. Then there is the act of marriage and any other costs along the way. Some places require entrance fees or donations in the form of money or food.

12. The ones that do no follow are shamed or called ignorant

You are not religious? Well…depending on the religion and place you were born, this can become very problematic. You can be shamed, called a heretic, a sinner or even suffer more drastic consequences.

You do not believe in western medicine? Oh uh…you must be ignorant, not trusting the power of science that can only save humanity.

13. The ones that follow one of them with fanaticism discards completely the other

Usually the ones that believe strictly in western medicine and pharmaceuticals discard completely the power of prayer, and the ones who are praying fanatically and obsessively discard completely the power of certain physical substances or treatments.

14. They request trust without question

Have you noticed how easily someone trusts a product or drug if there is a scientific paper or study on it, made by a scientist? Why do we put our trust so easily in something just because it has some studies done on it? If history has thought us something, is that scientific breakthroughs were never accepted right away, and in the scientists community there were always some political or monetary interests at hand. Very rarely a scientific study is objective. They are funded by corporations that have some interests and require a specific result so they can sell their products safely.

Religion promotes trusting, without question. Trusting to a certain degree that things will work out for the best can be healthy, but we cannot discard common sense, intuition and universal laws. No matter how much you trust, if you jump off a cliff you will die.

15. They deny the power of self healing

Even though there are many studies on the validity of the placebo effect (people healing with sugar pills), and even though it is widely used in the development of pharmaceuticals, the self healing power is not something that the patient is made aware of by medicine practitioners. If the symptoms go away, the medicine is praised and hold responsible. If the symptoms don’t go away, the patient is hold responsible, for not responding to the treatment.

Same goes for religions, who discard the power of our own minds, our thoughts and imagination and put it simply on external forces (God or Devil)

Good morning again! Are you awake yet?

The purpose of this list is not to blame or discourage the use of any of these services or products, as long as they are done from a place of self-awareness. Everything should be taken with a grain of salt and with moderation.

Of course there are in this world wonderful religious practitioners, that are pure at heart and help people connect with themselves and with God, addressing the root cause of the problems. There are also wonderful doctors and pharmacists who not only prescribe medicine for relief of the pains, but also advice in regards to changing the lifestyle of their patients and having conversations with them to discover the possible causes.

I will end this article with a provocative thought. if you believe in others more than you believe in yourself, chances are, you are being manipulated.

Much love to you all!

How to predict the future

Photo by Ethan Wu on Pexels.com

If you like how you feel in the present moment and you are very happy and content, keep doing what you are doing daily. You don’t even need to worry about the future. You can click out of this article right now.

If you don’t like your present moment but you hope for a different future , keep reading.

Predicting the future is really easy.

If you want to know your future, just take a look at your present and you will see your future. Unless you do something about it.

The outer circumstances do change, yes. But the overall emotions you feel on a daily basis, will be the same in the future. Unless you do something about it.

For prediciting the future on a larger scale it is the same principle, only it is measured in a larger group, a colective. If the overall emotions of a large group is a certain way in the present moment, the future will be the same. Unless people start doing something about it. And it can start with you.

What can you do about it?

First of all, find out what are your emotions on a daily basis in the current time. How are you feeling right now? Are you feeling sad, bored, disappointed, scared, happy, relaxed, passionate, joyful etc? Well good. That’s your future. Unless you do something about it.

Next step : ask yourself what actions are you willing to take today or right in this moment, to change your overall emotions?

If you take an easy action, like for example, deciding to watch a Netflix show. How will that make you feel? well probably relaxed or entertained and bored or whatever feeling depending on what you are watching. But it’s up to you if you are ok with feeling entertained/bored in the present or future, instead of joyful and at peace.

How long can a certain feeling last each day? Until you go to sleep at night or take a nap.

Sleeping resets our emotions. As you wake up you can decide what direction your emotions will take. Most of the times people decide to feel the same emotions, because of their daily habits. If for example first thing in the morning you are used to surf the internet on your phone, watch the news , and feeling stressed and upset, well that is what you will also do and feel in the future.

If you want to change your future, change your daily routine. It’s enough to simply do the same things in a different order. That can cause a shift in the emotions you are feeling each day.

The emotions we feel each day, attract circumstances and opportunities in our envirnement that supports them.

If you are feeling sad right now, you will encounter sad things around you to support that. Unless you do something about it.

Ideas with actions that can shift your daily emotions:

  • Go outside for a walk with no plan
  • Wake up earlier/later than you usually do
  • Start your day in a different order than usual
  • Drink coffee instead of tea or vice-versa if you drink that daily. Drink a different type of tea, or coffee than usual.
  • Buy a random book and read it
  • Open a random article and read it ( not the ones you usually read)
  • Try a new recipe you haven’t tried before (something foreign)
  • Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long long time
  • Start a new hobby
  • Do body exercises in a different way or using different body parts. If you usually run, walk. If you usually dance, do gymnastics or yoga and so on

You got the idea. The point is to not force yourself in doing something you do not like. Just maintain the things you like but spice things up. Change the routine. Change the order in things. Because let’s face it. Stagnant energy and emotions can make our souls cry inside. We need excitement, we need something to feed our spirits, something to make us feel alive and worth living. Make the shift, take notes of your emotions and see the magic unfold. Life is so magical. Open your eyes and see.

Much love to you all!

Emotional unavailable people don’t exist

Nowadays a lot of people blame the failure of their relationships on the emotional unavailable partner. A partner who is not willing to commit, to put in the effort, to express any emotion, intimacy, or even emphathy.

But the problem is not the fact that your partner is emotional unavailable. The problem is that you and your partner operate in a different range of emotions. Basically they also have emotions, but very different than your own. Let me explain further:

Every emotion has a frequency value measured in Hertz. Attraction and emotional connection is a lot stronger and more powerful when two people have in their energy field similar frequencies.

If one of the partners expresses and feels most of the time emotions like joy, peace, love and neutrality, and the other partner expresses and feels most of the time emotions like fear, grief, anger or pride, they will become emotional incompatible, unable to connect and understanding each other, feeling like they speak a total different language, thus creating a lot of misunderstandings. Even if you are in the same room, it will feel like you never get to connect, almost like spending time with a ghost or an invisible person.

If you live at a distance, it may feel like you are avoiding each other, or there is always something or someone interfering between you, when in fact it is just a vibrational difference in the two partners, repelling each other energetically.

If at the beginning the connection was a lot stronger, it may be because of certain circumstances that made one or both of you to be in a very different emotional range than usual. Maybe one of you was going through a break up or loss in the family, maybe one of you had recently got a promotion at work. Basically any event that caused a temporary emotional disruption of the persons usual range.

Each day we all can go through a multiple range of emotions of course, but at the core we all have a stable value of frequency in which we operate and we can calculate.

For example, if a person during a week time feels and expresses 50 % Anger, 20 % Pride and 10 % Joy and 20 % Neutrality , then their overall frequency in a week would be of 50*150/100+20*175/100+10*540/100+ 20*250/100 = 214

If their partner feels and expresses during a week time : 40% Peace, 10 % Acceptance, 10% Anger , 20% Courage and 20 % Neutrality , then their overall frequency in a week would be 40*600/100+10*350/100+10*150/100+20*200/100+20*250/100=380

And most likely they will feel more attracted to meet and talk, when both are in the Anger or Neutrality frequencies which they have in common, or when their overall frequency level in a day is very similar.

This also easily explains the chemistry you have with someone : ” oh I like their vibe!”, ” oh I like we get angry at the same things”, ” oh I like how they listen to me” etc.

And of course these rules apply not only in romantic relationships, but also in friendships and family or work relationships.

People on planet Earth operate mostly in the halfway down range of frequencies, because of so many obstacles, stress, fears, money problems, health problems etc that prevent them from being too happy or at peace.

Because of this, the moment you start living a more peaceful or joyful life (like doing more of what you love, meditating, spending more time in nature etc), you will notice how your friend circle will become smaller and smaller, you make break up with your partner, lose or change jobs or overall have a lot of unstable relationships , with people that come and go very often.

This will happen in the transition period, when you will still have moments of lower frequencies. The more you practice feeling and expressing the higher frequencies, the more likely it will be to attract people that operate the same as you most of the time, and that can stay there with you for longer.

Much love to you all!

Feminine versus Masculine energy

This article is not about sexuality. It is about the energies that can be called feminine and the energies that can be called masculine.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Each person has inside of themselves a proportion of masculine and feminine energy.

The masculine energy is responsible for : taking action, building, protecting, fighting for something, finishing projects, working, planning, taking care of responsibilities.

The feminine energy is responsible for : nurturing and caring for others, dreaming and imagining, creativity, intuition, expression of emotions.

A great ratio to have is 60% masculine energy + 40% feminine energy for men and 60% feminine energy + 40% masculine energy for women.

When there are imbalances in these energies a person can become dangerous. Too much masculine energy can cause : aggression, abusive behaviour, possessiveness, competition, rage.

Too much feminine energy can cause : smothering, laziness, obsession, paranoia, addictions, feeling stuck.

The people who allow themselves to have too much masculine energy (regardless if they are men or women) are the ones who hate women in general (misogynistic) because they actually hate the feminine energy in themselves and refuse to accept or express it. .Usually these people have grown up in an environment where feminine energy is seen as a weakness : for e.g. being too caring, expressing emotions like crying or laughter, dreaming too much etc.

The people who allow themselves to have too much feminine energy (regardless if they are men or women) are the ones who hate men in general because they actually hate the masculine energy in themselves and refuse to accept or express it. Usually these people have grown up in an environment where masculine energy was seen as a weakness : for e.g working too much leading to injury or disease, taking action impulsively creating repercussions, focusing too much on responsibilities without any fun etc.

If you feel you have an imbalance in these types of energies inside of yourself, the first step is to analyse the cause for it. Usually it stems from childhood and the environment you grew up in. If you were raised by a single mother you may be lacking masculine energy or vice versa.

On this planet the dominant energy was the masculine energy for thousands and thousands of years. That’s why we we faced so many conflicts, wars, suppression and abuse against women and Mother Earth.

The pandemic has forced people lately to dim down their masculine energy (with so many people staying at home and lacking action), but we are facing a crucial point where the balance may turn to much the other way and becoming too lazy, fearful , addicted and paranoid.

The easiest way to balance both energies is to do as many activities as possible outside in nature. The sky, the wind and the sun represent the masculine energy ( The Father) and the soil, the water and the plants represent the feminine energy ( The Mother).

When you connect with the sky, the wind and the sun you connect to your masculine energy and you balance it ( like sun bathing, running in the wind, running under the rain etc)

When you connect with the soil, the water and the plants you connect with the feminine energy and you balance it ( like gardening, tree hugging, waking barefoot on the grass, swimming etc)

The sexuality is not depending on the proportion of these energies, but the attraction is. For example, if you are a heterosexual man with 30% feminine energy and 70% masculine energy you will be more attracted to a woman that has 70 % feminine energy and 30 % masculine. If you are a gay woman with 70 % masculine and 30 % feminine energy you will be more attracted to a woman that has 30% masculine and 70 % feminine and so on. In union both feminine and masculine inside of each other become one and if the couple is aware of their own imbalances then the proportions can heal themselves and become less dangerous.

Much love to you all!