What is true love

Since the moment we are born, no matter how hard we deny it, we all want to feel loved, to share love and understand it. All the relationships we have along the way, with our parents, siblings, friends and lovers, will determine how we see love and unfortunately will make us sometimes associate love with pain and suffering.

The highest pain and suffering doesn’t come from lack of love, but actually from the blockage of love.

You see love is actually an energy that flows from the Divine into the entire Universe and in ourselves.

The more we try to fight it and deny it, the more we suffer.

Certain events and relationships makes us block our body from receiving this pure energy. Rejection, abandonment, criticism or abusive behavior can cause deep wounds and blocks inside our energetic and physical body. By meeting certain people in our lives, the wounds are triggered and can manifest detoxification and purification or further blockage , depending on how we respond. If we let the old wounds block the normal flow of the Divine Love energy, we will experience sorrow and heartache. We must understand that we are only vessels that transport this energy into us and into others.
Out of this reason, true love CAN exist only one sided. Even if we are rejected we can still love someone unconditionally because we simply allow the flow of energy. The other person may not be open to receive this energy because of personal blockages or because the other person is not triggered by you to open up his/her heart to the Love energy.

Most often we tend to confuse love for something else. We confuse love with attachment or lust.
To be truly certain if we experience true love towards someone, we must first question our self love and how happy we are on our own. We must understand that the role of an other person is not to fill our gaps and make us happy or less lonely. That is our own quest to achieve. We must first attain happiness in ourselves, so we can share that happiness with others. We must first fill our own cup with love, so much that it overflows into others. We cannot truly love another person until we learn to truly love ourselves.
If you ever have to choose between multiple partners, pay attention to when you need them most. If you turn to them only when you are in lack, when you feel sad, lonely or discouraged or even horny then it is attachment or lust. If you turn to them when you are extremely happy and want to share that with them it is true love. Of course you can turn to them when you are confused and need guidance or advice, or to have a fruitful conversation that will enlighten you or both of you somehow, but it is not healthy to turn to them only when you need your cup to be filled, because that shows you are only using them for your own personal satisfaction.

The role of a romantic relationship that shares true love has actually a higher meaning that procreating and setting a family. It is actually a collaboration to make the world a better place. Each partner brings out an amount of masculine and feminine energy to create a perfect balance, that is very powerful in achieving great things in the world. Each partner shares something the other ones lacks, and together they are unstoppable. It is important that both partners are happy on their own, so they can be ready to share their happiness with each other and with the entire world. Their common happiness is not meant to be held only for themselves. It must inspire and heal, it serves as support and hope for other people. Such an environment is also beneficial for bringing in children, either conceived or adopted, so they can focus on important things from an early age, surrounded by the power of true love, and not suffer from the drama of two unfulfilled parents.

If you are single right now do not freak out! You can also trigger true love on your own without a partner. You just need to be willing to heal your past wounds caused by neglective parents or romantic partners, to spend time with yourself, know yourself better, love and appreciate yourself. It’s important you find a purpose in your life, to feel a part of something, to inspire and to create, to play like a child on the Earth’s playground. Once you achieve that, you will attract the right partner to be by your side in your mission, and to cocreate a better world.

Love to you all!

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