Wisdom Bombs

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with some inspirational quotes in my head, that will haunt me for days. Other times, they just come to me spontaneously, after weeks or days of questions in my head. Since I can’t write a whole article around one single idea all the time, IContinue reading “Wisdom Bombs”

Why do you attract certain people and how to control that

You create your own reality. The basis of your creation is in how you feel. The way you feel will lead you to certain thoughts, that eventually will manifest in the physical form, if held for more than 16 seconds.  The people in your life are co-creators to your own reality, by constantly showing youContinue reading “Why do you attract certain people and how to control that”

How to make decisions in life

The process of making decisions , from deciding on small things like what you will have for dinner, to bigger things, like choosing from two different paths or partners, is something that we should constantly work on to improve, and we should treat with high importance and from a place of consciousness. First of allContinue reading “How to make decisions in life”

What is true love

Since the moment we are born, no matter how hard we deny it, we all want to feel loved, to share love and understand it. All the relationships we have along the way, with our parents, siblings, friends and lovers, will determine how we see love and unfortunately will make us sometimes associate love withContinue reading “What is true love”

How to find a true answer to "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

After finishing collage, having a degree in computer science, like any other fresh graduate, I started job scouting, and preparing for interviews. I was interviewing for a software engineer position in several multinational companies, and I noticed one of the common questions were : “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Being a littleContinue reading “How to find a true answer to "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"”

My encounter with a baby crow

Last week the city was stroke by a torrential rain , with drops so heavy and numerous, that a mist was emerged from the ground, not being able to see at a couple of meters ahead of you. It took about 30 minutes or more, then the sun came up. The atmosphere was so magical,Continue reading “My encounter with a baby crow”

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything

The number one complain in school that I heard from my pears was the following : what use has “x” subject in real life? Why do we have to study all these theoretical notions?” For some time I was in the same puddle, complaining about the same things, and finding it very very hard toContinue reading “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything”

How to optimize your closet and spend less on clothes

Lately I started observing my habits with more interest, and I’m pretty disappointed about my closet management. Here are the top 3 issues I found: 1. Although I have over 30 pieces of summer clothing (even after the moving clean up), I still wear only 20% of them. 2. Even though I like some ofContinue reading “How to optimize your closet and spend less on clothes”

Do other people's opinions about us matter ? and how to deal with them

Imagine yourself in the first 7 years of your life like a blank computer program, ready to be written. You’re just starting to learn about how things in life work, how society works , how money works, how relationships work and so on. Who is the first with privilege to write something in your program?Continue reading “Do other people's opinions about us matter ? and how to deal with them”

A sensitive topic : Depression

I noticed people are very sensitive to this topic, especially when it comes to pieces of advice to “cure” depression, claiming that in the most severe cases, you are actually experiencing a “clinical depression”,  in which case the only treatment consists of medication or drugs. This makes it very very difficult to debate anything about depression!Continue reading “A sensitive topic : Depression”