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Hi! my name is Laura and it’s so nice to meet you!

On this website I share stories, passions and insights I gained after struggles.

Some of my passions I’ve managed to materialize in the form of an online shop or YouTube Channel.

So here they are:

>at TreasureFriends you can find printable art and greeting cards, featuring funny and cute animal portraits on colorful backgrounds:

>at EvergreensDesigns42 you can find printable botanical art and greeting cards, featuring painted flower arrangements or real pressed flowers and leaves:

>at SoulBrushing you can find original printable abstract art, using different techniques, and different types of paint:

> Fluffy Hedgehog, a YouTube Channel with crafting tutorials on recycling, home decor, gift ideas and many more:

>MystiqueL, a Youtube Channel with dancing videos :

>Ariciul Pufos, an online shop with handmade jewelry (only for Romanian customers ) :

Thanks for visiting!

You can contact me any time at

Working with clay

There are a multitude of types of clay out there, with different textures, different drying temperatures and different colors. When I first started making jewelry, almost 7 years ago, there weren’t that many shops online from which to buy supplies ( modelling clay included), but after seeing pictures with creations made by others, I was…

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My morning routine

Usually I wake up on my own, between 5:30 and 6:30, but I always set the alarm as a backup at 6:33. After getting out of bed, and going to the bathroom, I drink a glass of water, and make a 15-20 minute Yoga session. If you never did Yoga before, I recommend Lesley Fightmaster (yes,…

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2 Months of Unpaid Vacation

Today began something exciting and scary for me. I took two months of unpaid vacation , from my full time job as a software tester. Although I wanted this so bad, I feel a lot of pressure to finish everything that I planned to do. One of the things from my huge list is to write…

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