True Colors – Part 2

He was magical and fun,  He was brighter than the sun.  But his parents had a vision,  And they came with a decision.  ‘Oh my dearest, lovely Po  We must say it’s time to go.  Tummy colors are distractions.  You must learn writing and fractions.’  You must shape your tummy structure,  To support you and to nurture,  To sustainContinue reading “True Colors – Part 2”

True Colors – Part 1

In a Monday afternoon,  Po was playing in his room.  He imagined being king  Casting magic through a ring.  When you look at Po at first,  You can feel emotions burst  Through this cat like, gloomy face  And a tummy spreading grace.  When he’s happy, you can tell.  When he’s angry, sad, as well.  RainbowsContinue reading “True Colors – Part 1”