My intake on vaccination

This is going to be a very short article. Probably one of the shortest I’ve ever written.

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A free person is entitled to make their own decisions regarding their own body.


Step 1. Stop searching for information to support the decision you have already made in your head to feel better about yourself.

Step 2. Stick to your decision regardless of what everyone thinks and move on with your life.

Step 3. Accept that there will be people that will make the same decision as you and people who won’t, and that it is perfectly normal.

Step 4. Stop trying to convince others that your decision is the best. (It is probably not anyway)

Step 5. Stop blaming other peoples decisions if something doesn’t go as you planned it in your head.

Step 6. Remember It’s ok to change your mind overnight if you feel like it.

Step 7. If nothing different happens after you made the decision and you are as miserable, maybe chose something else to consume your energy on next time.


The art of becoming nothing

After we are born, we receive an identity established by society, a name, a sex, a religion, a nationality and a set of rules and traditions to obey.

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As children we are not very aware of these things, living life in the present moment, playing, dreaming, having fun, discovering new things, being curious, asking questions and exploring without judgement.

As time passes by, and we are enrolled into societal groups, like family, kindergarden, school, collage or directly to a work environment to earn money, we forget how we were at the beginning of the journey, and get very emotional involved in the societal identity. We may get bullied and judged for having a certain name, religion, or nationality, giving it a lot more importance that we should. We get attached to traditions, and setting unrealistic standards like having a certain amount of possessions before a certain age, or getting married and having children before we are ready, without questioning if this is what we really want and if this is what really makes us happy.

The more attached to these material/sociatal rules we get, the more suffering we will face because of competition.

In society, competition is something not only accepted, but promoted. We start to envy what others have or if they are ahead of us in terms of societal “success”.

Our higher self and soul doesn’t want for us to get so emotional involved in these “hunger games”. These are just distractions from our higher purpose, like learning compassion, kindness, honesty, love and joy.

First we will have opportunities to learn this the easy way. Encountering all sorts of nice people with good hearts, having the opportunity to travel, to spend time in nature, with animals, with friends, to reconnect to who we really are. If we do not open our eyes to see the truth, and fully appreciating them, then we will have to face our lessons the hard way, with multiple attacks towards our ego, or identity.

We may get bullied, shamed, treated unfairly, being rejected/abused, taken for granted, being criticised, loosing possessions, loosing health, status, money, relationships, contracts. Basically anything related to society rules/traditions and material wealth.

These lessons are very hard to swallow because there will be panic, feeling like a victim, feeling anger, hate and even seeking revenge : ” how dare they? don’t they know who I am?” . From this perspective, you won’t be able to see that all is done for your highest good, to not take your persona / identity so seriously (since it is temporary anyway), and to return to your true self (the one you were as a child), who is free, who goes with the flow and likes to play and have fun.

If the lesson becomes clear, suddenly from the effort of becoming someone, and succeeding something, you start to follow the path of becoming nothing. In other words, you start to strip down all the characteristics of your persona (name, status, job title etc) so you can uncover who you really are. What sparks you? What makes you happy? What makes you passionate? What gives you peace? What you love? Who you love?

So, whenever you feel like life is treating you unfairly or you have a lot of “bad luck”, ask yourself: “are these obstacles attacking my spirit or my persona/ego self?”

Believe it or not, the answer will always be the later, because your spirit can never be attacked by anything. Your spirit is always protected being unconditionally happy. Your spirit is the direct connection to God, love truth and wisdom.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you have to erase everything and live in a cave. I’m just saying don’t get so attached to who you are in society. Even if most of the societal rules are just illusions and a joke to your spirit, you still should respect the illusion by taking part of it. Just remember to have fun in everything you do and learn as much as you can. Life is short and the identity you were given is just temporary.

Much love to you all!

My experience with dreams

Not many people pay attention to their dreams. Some consider them to be some weird and random depictions that our brain creates based on day to day experiences, some forget them as fast as they wake up, and some remember them quite vividly but don’t take the time to analyse them too much.

For many years, I was in one of these categories , until I read somewhere that actually, while we sleep, our spirit leaves the body, traveling to other dimensions, other realms or time frames and meeting with other spirits, having conversations or doing something together.

I’ve also stumbled upon the concept of astral projection,  an out-of-body experience that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an “astral body” that is separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it throughout the universe, especially while sleeping. Some experience astral projection by accident and some intentionally by practicing every night different techniques.

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After becoming aware of this possibility, I started to pay more attention to my dreams, and even write them down immediately after waking up. I noticed that right after waking up I remember vividly each detail, and the memory starts to fade more and more throughout the day until I completely forget about them. Sometimes, I see a picture or a word that triggers my dream back to memory and I take advantage to write it down, because I consider it must be even more important since I’m reminded of it again.

I don’t have many dreams each night that take my attention, but there where periods in my life where I had many of them that stood out. Lately I started to have a lot of dreams again so I decided to write this article about it and to share all of my experience with dreams and what I have learned and noticed.

  1. The dream world is full of symbols

The dream world is so complex and multifaceted that our brain cannot decipher or interpret things as they are, so it translates them into objects that we are familiar with in this earth plane-time period. Think about it this way. If you would go back in time 2000 years and show the people of that time an airplane, they would call it a big bird and see it as one.

The purpose of the symbols is not to make sense of the worlds in which your soul travels (which you cannot do anyway), but to translate and decipher your subconscious. For this you can use a dream dictionary and seek the meaning for each thing you dream about. For example, if you dream of a cow, it may mean the following:

“Seeing cow in a dream from a spiritual perspective indicates that there is a deep unconscious desire to progress in life.”

2. Glimpses from past lives

I remember a lot of dreams in which I was myself, but not in this body. In some dreams I was in a man body, in a different time period. For example I was a writer somewhere in the UK in the 18th century, a construction worker in New York in the 19th century trying to catch a tram with 2 friends of mine (which I didn’t recognise) or lived on a farm , had a sister , and ran away from home because of my father.

In one dream I was on an other planet, which was very similar to this one, and I was working as a maitanance guy to check electricity panels in buildings.

The list can go on…

Sometimes when I meet a new person in this life, I have a dream where it shows who we were in a different lifetime, and it explains our current relationship. Basically the dynamic is the same, only the roles are switched.

3. Current world events / premonitions

It happened to me multiple times to dream about a certain event as it happened in real time somewhere in the world. Once I had a dream that I was in Denmark and a tsunami was approaching. The people (and myself) were really scared and had to flee. After waking up I found out at the news that there were a lot of floods that night in various cities in Denmark.

An other time I dreamed that we were attacked by a carnivore dinosaur, a sort of T-rex, but a lot smaller (kind of a bit taller than a human). After waking up, I saw on the news a new type of dinosaur was discovered that had the exact description as in my dream.

I honestly don’t enjoy these type of dreams. They are really scary for me, and I don’t find them helpful. It’s like checking in with world news on disasters. We already have that each day on TV.

4. Re-kindle old friendships

It happened a lot of times to dream about a specific person I haven’t talked to in a long time. After waking up and asking how they are, they most of the times tell me they were thinking of me too.

5. Immense sense of freedom

Sometimes I have these incredible fantastic dreams, where I fly above beautiful landscapes, by myself or on top of a big bird /dragon. I dance freely in outer-space and make all sorts of twists and swirls in the air. I walk in snowy places and feeling warm without many clothes on me. I travel by train in some incredible places (that are similar to Earth but 10 times more beautiful), or travel by foot on top of mountains.

6. Heal your fear of dying

I’ve experienced once, by accident , astral projection, seeing myself out of the body, then going back inside it, with immense force, and waking up. After such experience you realise that you are much more than your body and not limited to it. It’s a wonderful feeling to see that our conciseness remains beyond that.

7. Receive/give advice

I remember I had many dreams where I met some people (some that I know in real life, some that I don’t) that gave me some very good advice regarding a situation or we simply had a conversation that brought light to something I didn’t understand. I like to call these people guides, and sometimes I am the one acting as a guide to others. The exchange is very useful for both parties.

8. Meeting people/animals who died

If you dream of a person or animal who died, and on top of that you realise in the dream that they are dead and you are surprised that you are seeing them, that means you are actually meeting with them in the spirit form, and you can take advantage to catch up with them or talk about things you didn’t have the opportunity to do in this life.

9. Random dreams

I would also like to mention some dreams that don’t fall in any of the category above:

-Once I was climbing a mountain with a woman (I didn’t know), and the sunset was really beautiful but had different colours than normal (yellow with purple). I took out my phone to take pictures but it simply didn’t work. Then the woman told me : “You cannot take pictures of the simulation.”

-Going into an elevator that went with immense speed high in the sky. There I met with lots of teachers standing at a big table that evaluated me. I actually have this type of meeting pretty often in my dreams and each time I take an elevator. I don’t enjoy these meetings very much because some of these teachers are kind of strict and expect me to act in a certain way.

-Dreaming of petting wild animals. I pet owls, cuddled with wolves and took walks with bears.

Side note: Before ending this article I would also like to note that the current reality is also a type of dream state full of symbols. If for example you see a ladybug everywhere or you keep hearing a repetitive word or number, that’s a sign from the Universe and you can search for its meaning in dream dictionaries, numerology or animal totems descriptions.

Much love to you all!

A conversation with Christ

Today, on Christmas day, I felt the Christ (Kristos) energy closer than usual, so I was able to connect to it, and ask multiple questions. The answers really gave me a strong sense of peace, and I wanted to share the conversation through this medium. Enjoy!

Me: “What’s the purpose in meeting people who lie, deceive and manipulate you, if you only had good intentions towards them? Are you supposed to help them in some way? to show them that not all people are like them?”

Christ: “No, it is never about them. It is so you can learn forgiveness and unconditional love”

Me: “Yes…but…what is the purpose in learning to love them unconditionally…if they continue to behave like before…and continue to suffer like that…”

Christ: “They don’t suffer like you do. They actually feel really good when they do what they do.”

Me: …..

Christ: ” After such encounter you will be so free. if you can love someone like that, you can love anything and anyone.”

Me: “That’s why Jesus came to Earth planet?”

Christ: “Yes…mostly. Beings on this planet are at the lowest that there is. If you can learn to love and forgive them as they are, and no matter how they act, you can love and forgive anything in the Universe.”

Me: ” But…I thought that if you can offer someone unconditional love, you can somehow open up their heart and make them a better person..a happier person”

Christ: “They will continue to be happy by doing what they do. But their happiness won’t change the world in any way. It is a happiness that only feeds the false persona, the temporary character/actor and not the soul. If you think an hour feels temporary you should see how temporary your whole life will seem after you die. It will feel just like a second. A blink of an eye. That’s why it’s important not to seek happiness in anything that doesn’t involve the soul and the heart. A happiness that results from acting from your heart with love and with good intentions can indeed change the world and it lasts for eternity . The promised eternal Heaven is in your heart. That’s why it’s important to learn how to love anyone and anything, from the heart.”

Me: ” How can the world change for the better as long as these people exist that can never be changed?”

Christ: “They exist…but there are also people who are not like that. People who can feel and need this energy, and want to learn to act also from the heart. People who are more open. You don’t have to know these people personally. It happens at a distance. We are all connected anyway.”

Me: ” But wouldn’t the happiness be stronger if we can meet people that loves us back the same way?”

Christ: ” Yes it would. But that’s the next level. To get there you have to learn first how to love on your own, and to be 100% only from your side, so you can get to know your feelings and your capacity to love. If you would also receive, without being ready, you may get lost in what you receive, and forget to give back.”

Me: ” So in fact you cannot heal just anyone, no matter how connected to God you are..”

Christ: ” That is correct. Some people don’t want to be connected to God. The more time apart from God they spend, the more painful is the returning, because they have to acknowledge and take responsibility for every action they have done towards others. That is real Hell. There is no judge more cruel than yourself. That being said, it is easier for them to stay away from God, because they can continue to harm others or themselves without feeling bad about it, more so, even feeling good about it.”

Me: “But is there any hope for them? will they ever return?”

Christ: “We can never know. Everyone has free will. Some do return, with baby steps, across many many lifetimes, some do it overnight. There is always hope, but it’s important not to make decisions regarding your own path, based on what they may decide. “

Me: ” Thank you so much!”

Christ: ” Much love to you! Thank you!”

Eve was the snake

Eve was never fooled by any snake. She was actually the snake. Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.

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Eve was the first one to see the real truth, and that Eden was just an illusion. Eden was a fake heaven, simulated by the creator, but not in alignment with God.

When Eve realised the truth, she showed Adam the truth and they were banned from heaven, but in a metaphorical way. Because finding out the truth is scary when you believed a lie for so long! It is terrifying to know that the world you live in can never bring real peace and happiness. Finding the real God became a though challenge in a world where God is not.

Our creator is not God. It is just someone (or many) who liked to play God and manipulate us into thinking we are in Heaven. Our creator was very disconnected from God and made sure his creations were too. But there was a catch. The woman had to be able to bring life, meaning she had to carry a gateway, a portal, to the spiritual realm, so other souls can enter the creator’s vessels. The spiritual world is closer to God so this “flaw” made women more susceptible to finding out the truth and to see through the lies. But the creator made a brainstorming and came with solutions. He made sure that the woman would be suppressed, abused, raped and called a crazy witch/bitch. He made sure that the woman would have no credibility and that she should act submissive. And a woman not aligned with God is more destructive than a man could ever be, because she has to nurture the children of the Planet. She has the most influence in the development of future generations.

For thousands and thousands of years the woman suffered and was on a quest to first of all believe in her own sanity, protect herself and making the man to see the truth as well. That’s because when a woman and a man are united in Love and Truth, they can get a glimpse of the real Heaven. The one where real God is. The pure union of a man and a woman is the closest feeling to real Heaven. Once you discover the tracks to Heaven there is hope to return to it and escape the prison of the creator.

Are we insane? The world has ended!

I wonder how long it may take for us to realise that the world we once knew and were used to has ended forever. When are we going to accept that the old way was not working anymore, and there is no turning back. It’s like trying to build a new store building on top of a crumbled pile of rubble.

This desperate attempt to restore the old, by any means, has pushed people to implement some disturbing measures and rules, resulting in some imagery that reminds me of some SF surreal horror movie scenes, where people are caged like some animals or have some serious mental issues. But isn’t the whole world right now like a big mental disease, where common sense, logic and self respect have suddenly disappeared?

I mean, what is wrong with people? If this is not what insanity looks like, then I don’t know what is. I feel like I may go insane as well, just by looking at this pictures.

I get that as an adult, some decided to obey to some rules, to blend into the society. It may be too late for them to step up, and do something about it. I get that. I get they may be afraid . But the least they can do, is not drag their children into this. Is this really the world they want them to live in from now on? Do they realise what so ever how this is impacting their mental state, their ability to interact with other humans, their sense of playfulness and freedom?

I’m sorry, but if you are parent, who allowed your children to take part on this insanity, by masking them up, and placing them in a bubble, I have no respect for you, as a human being. I just can’t. If you would have done this to your kids a couple of months ago , you could have faced prison for child abuse. And now ? Now it is acceptable? Wake up!

Since I am here on the topic of insanity, let’s discuss some other topics that simply are too hard for me to process.

No real or serious disease needs marketing!

Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 14.38.02Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 14.40.03Let me say that again, cause you may not have read it the first time. A real disease doesn’t need marketing!!!!!

That means, if a disease is that serious and dangerous, people would be aware of it on their own, by seeing it with their own eyes, by spread of word of mouth, by trying to protect their loved ones from a REAL DANGER.

Whenever you see marketing on something, you should ask yourself this question : who benefits? who benefits from you wearing a mask? Hmm.. maybe the mask producers? the ones who buy them for nothing and sell them for triple or quadruple? Oh…what’s that? They care for us and our safety? They care for our health?  ahhaha…what?

Since when? Since when they suddenly care about our well being and health?

Hmm…maybe it’s from the time they allowed the usage of drugs and alcohol …or…maybe it’s from the time they allowed deforestation, plastic use, all sorts of chemicals in our foods and waters and selling of medicine and drugs that have extremely dangerous and deadly side effects? Yes indeed…they are so emphatic and caring…that’s why they make us obey all these rules.  It’s for our own good! Cause we are like a little child, who needs to listen to the grown ups, right?

Having a different opinion is not a conspiracy theory!

What is a conspiracy theory anyway?  Who came up with this terminology ? Since when we started using these words of conspiracy?

According to wikipedia  , a conspiracy theory is :

– an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation,[2][3] when other explanations are more probable.[4] The term has a pejorative connotation, implying that the appeal to a conspiracy is based on prejudice or insufficient evidence.[5]

Well, here is something ironic. There is a conspiracy theory that says  the CIA invented the term in 1967 to disqualify those who questioned the official version of John F Kennedy’s assassination and doubted that his killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, had acted alone.

It’s interesting how all of sudden, when you speak about something that is not according the the main stream story, that will be vomited everywhere in the news, TV , web, paper, you become a conspiracy theorist! A person who speaks out of madness without evidence and facts. Facts that are available to you by some institutions that are 90% payed by political parties and governments. Hmm..

I’m sorry…who is the insane one here? What happened to the freedom of speech? What happened to our common sense and intuition? What happened to the freedom of having a conversation on a topic in which we don’t have to agree, but we have it anyway?

When a large group of people think the same way, it’s a big chance they were manipulated

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We didn’t came on this planet to be the same and think the same! We are unique individuals, with special talents and quirks. We came here to experience contrast, to see different views, different perspectives, to gain knowledge, to gain compassion and to evolve. So when a group of large people acts and thinks in the same way, it is not normal! That is not our normal state of being. The only way you become so fixed under a certain belief or behaviour, is when you are carefully programmed from a young age. The programs are : TV programs (that’s why they are called like that), school programs, parenting programs, and so on.

Is this helpful or is this a distraction?

Every good magician / illusionist or manipulator knows about the power of distraction. Companies like YouTube and Facebook invest million of dollars on strategies to keep you as much time as possible on their platform. If you want to freak out, just install any app for tracking screen time on apps, and notice in real numbers, how much time and energy you are giving away for nothing.

I’m not saying that it’s all bad. But you should use internet as a tool, for gaining knowledge and inspiration and for giving knowledge and inspiration. If you are not equally giving what you are consuming, I’m sorry to say, but you are a consumer in this world. If you watch a video, you should also make one. If you read a book, you should also write one. I’m not saying the ratio should be 1:1, but at least 10:1.

The news corporations are not far out. They basically exists from the commercials and ads you see in between “stories”, so their goal is to make you watch the first story, and be willing to watch the commercial, to find out the next story or the continuation of the first one. Happy calm stories would be boring. There is need for drama! and murder and rage and war, and disease! that’s how they keep you hooked.

So next time you are consuming something, ESPECIALLY when it’s a story from main stream media, ask yourself, is this helping me, or is this distracting me? and bring out at least 3 arguments for your answer.

If the world has ended, what’s next?

There is good news and there is bad news and some more good news. The good news is there will be a new world, a completely different one. The bad news is some people will chose a new world where they will be told what to do, and they will depend on others to survive, through anxiety and fear, and possible wear a mask for the rest of their lives and stay indoors. The good news is you can chose to create a world that is way better than the old one, full of freedom, and beauty, and live in it.

How to chose to live in the bad world, in the future:

  1. Be like a sheep, do what everyone else is doing. Obey all the rules that are imposed to you.
  2. Watch all the main stream news as much as possible : BBC, CNN, and other major news stations specific to your country
  3. Don’t question anything, don’t search for numerical data, don’t do the math
  4. Don’t express your opinion when you think differently than your closed friends or family.
  5. Be dependent on other people. Be afraid to be alone. Don’t do anything alone.
  6. Spend as much time as possible with things that give you pleasure in the moment : video games, mindless sex/porn, drugs/alcohol, junk food rich in meat (as much dead animals as possible)
  7. Be dependent on a single source of income and gain more debt.
  8. Blame everything that happens to you on external factors.
  9. Be as narcissist and egotistical as possible.
  10. Focus as much attention as possible on your looks and how others view you.
  11. Spend a lot of time indoors, without much physical exercise.
  12. Take action impulsively or only for your own personal gain.
  13. Treat animals and plants like objects.

How to chose to live in a good world, in the future:

  1. Be like a lion, do what feels right to you, respecting yourself but without hurting other people.
  2. Watch videos or read books that help you know yourself better. Meditate.
  3. Question everything. Google search any small data in a piece of information. Do the math. Take your own conclusions.
  4. Express your opinion when you think differently than your closed friends or family, even if your voice shakes. Stay true to who you are.
  5. Be independent from other people. Learn to be alone.
  6. Spend as much time as possible working on something that your future self will thank you for. Do things that spark you, not drain you. Eat fresh foods (fruits, vegetables)
  7. Try making multiple sources of income/ passive income.
  8. Observe external factors. Go within and change from inside out.
  9. Be caring and empathetic to other people. Show compassion and understanding, while maintaining your self respect and self love.
  10. Focus as much attention as possible on how to be your best self, then share what you learn, and inspire others.
  11. Move your body, walk outside, dance, run, work out.
  12. Take action consciously, from a place of love. Make sure that every thing you do and think comes from a place of love.
  13. Treat animals and plants like powerful being. Nurture and protect them.

These lists can go on, but I hope you get the picture. I understand changing habits and a lifestyle is not easy, and actually it’s only 30% important. The main ingredient is love. You can drink alcohol and eat some KFC, you can loose a few days on Youtube, but make sure that everything you do is with a good heart, with good intentions, and everything will work out. When doing something out of love, your perceptions changes. You start to see the big picture. You allow more good things in your life and you don’t remain stuck on the bad ones for too long. You cannot control what will happen in the exterior world, but you can always control how you feel. And love feels the best. It is the most beautiful feeling. And from a good feeling, from a place of love,  you will be inspired to take the best action for you, and for others. And for the future. Let’s do this!

How to be abundant. Giving away money secrets.

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Nowadays most people are seeking how to be rich, and how to make more money, when the thing they should strive achieving is being abundant, which is a different concept from being rich.

There are a lot of rich people, millionaires and even billionaires who are not abundant. No matter how many objects they possess , and not matter how much money they have in the bank, they don’t feel like it’s enough. They want more, because what they already have doesn’t bring them fulfilment. On top of that, money is such a huge burden in their life, that it can bring them stress, worry and sleepless nights.

Abundance is a state of being, in which you have no negative emotion related to money. Money is not an issue for you, no matter the amount. Money is not something you chase, because it flows gracefully in and out of your life. You feel you have enough to be happy and to buy whatever you need. You don’t worry about it, about the future of it, about the economy. You feel no remorse or greed or guilt when giving it away to someone in need, or making a gift, or buying something just for pleasure. This state can be achieved with a surprisingly lower amount of income that you would expect.

Now let’s dive into some “money secrets” that I’ve discovered along the years, that brought me into a state of abundance, even in periods of time when my income was very low.

Money Secret number 1 : Money EQ versus Money IQ

It’s interesting how society brings us into the workforce. We spend years and years studying all sorts of areas, so we can gain a certain degree or qualification, that prepares us for a specific job, like that’s the only way to make money. Please wake up from that illusion.

We should be thought first of all how to make money , how to maintain it, manage it and how to spend it, without any negative emotion.

Studying finance and economy could teach you how the money is handled in today’s society, gaining some money IQ ( intelligence quotient) which rules are crumbling as we speak by the way, but it doesn’t teach you how to actually make money, trust the money  and sustain it. High money IQ could make you rich, but it cannot make you abundant.

Here is where money EQ comes along. Developing money EQ (emotional quotient) is key in gaining abundance.

Developing a high money EQ will require for you to analyse your emotional pallet related to money, finding the cause for these emotions, and transform them, if it’s an emotion that causes you resistance and negative state of being.

The emotions we feel regarding money stem from the programming we faced in our childhood, through family, friends, movies, media, school teachers and so on. The sum of beliefs from the environment  you grew up in, shaped your views on life. But you can change that, don’t worry. The first step is becoming aware of it.

Growing up in a less developed country, challenged by corruption and poverty,  I myself faced a lot of negative programming since a child, that affected my views on money growing up. Here are some examples of negative beliefs I grew up with:

“People who have a lot of money are thieves” , or “Rich people are corrupt”, or “Rich people are greedy” or ” The only way to make money is to steal, deceive or break the law” or “Money is the root of all evil”

Even though some of this may be true, you must acknowledge that not all rich people made money like this. There are a lot of people that are very rich, but also very kind and generous, and gained wealth by working on their passion on a fair and just way.

Associating money with negative character traits is very dangerous, because you unconsciously may remain average or poor, because you see yourself as a good person, and don’t want to be seen as evil. Second this belief may block your vision from positive opportunities in making money, since you believe that the “evil” path is the only way to do it.

Just start seeing money as a tool, like a hammer. You can use it to destroy or you can use it to build. There are bad people who use tools, and there are good people who use tools. It’s not the tools fault in what way it is used. Money is not good or bad. It just is.

Here is an other dangerous belief:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”, or ” Money goes as fast as it comes” or “You must work very hard for money”

This belief may make you work very hard for money and make you chase it all over the place, not believing you can receive it with ease if you just allow it.

Just start seeing money as energy, or like a river that flows in and out of your life with ease. The money is always around you, you just have to allow it to pass your way. Sure, you still have to take action, at certain times for creating income streams, but you don’t have to do it all day and work hard. Work smart, not hard, and build your income streams when you feel inspired and energised. Then relax and wait patiently for the rewards.

Money Secret number 2 : The 6 Jar System


The 6 jar system is something that makes you more responsible with your money, in a balanced way of give and take, and not treat it too carelessly or too greedy . If you don’t respect the money, the money won’t respect you.

The 6 Jar system advices dividing your monthly income into 6 different areas, in different percentages, that can assure you a balanced way of spending, and saving, without risking emotions of greed, guilt or fear.

How the Jar is divided:

Necessity Account (NEC – 55% of your monthly income):
This account is for managing your everyday expenses and bills.
This would include things like your rent, mortgage, utilities, bills, taxes,
food, transport, etc. Basically it includes anything that you need
to live, the necessities.

Play Account (PLY – 10%):
PLAY money is spent every month on purchases you wouldn’t normally
make. The purpose of this jar is to nurture yourself. You could purchase
an expensive bottle of wine at dinner, get a massage or go on a
weekend getaway. Play can be anything your heart desires. You and your significant other can each receive your own play money, and not even ask what
the other person spends it on!

Financial Freedom Account (FFA – 10%):
This is your golden goose. This jar is your ticket to financial freedom.
The money that you put into this jar is used for investments and building
your passive income streams. You never spend this money.
The only time you would spend this money is once you become financially
free. Even then you would only spend the returns on your investment.
Never spend is the principal. (More about passive income in secret number 4)

Education Account (EDU – 10%):
Money in this jar is meant to further your education and personal
growth. An investment in yourself is a great way to use your money.
You are your most valuable asset. Never forget this.
Education money can be used to purchase books, CD’s, courses or
anything else that has educational value.

Long-term saving for spending Account (LTS – 10%):
Money in this jar is for bigger, nice-to-have purchases. Use the money
for vacations, extravagances, a plasma TV, contingency fund, your
children’s education etc. A small monthly contribution can go a long
way. You may have more than one LTS jar. If you have more than one
LTS, divide the 10% between the jars according to your priorities.

Give Account (GIV – 5%):
Money in this jar is for giving away. Use the money for family and
friends on birthdays, special occasions and holidays. You can also give
away your time as opposed to giving away money. You could house sit
for a neighbour, take a friend’s dog for a walk or volunteer in your
community or for your favourite charity.

The percentages used don’t have to be set in stone. Sometimes your necessities account may require more than 55% of your income, and that’s ok. What is important is to have also the other accounts in place , because it is fulfilling to spend even 1% of your income on yourself, to play, to have some fun, to educate yourself, or to give to someone. With time, as your income grows, you may see your necessities account percentage drop, and you can redirect that money to other accounts.

To have this division you don’t have to create 6 different accounts in your bank account. I for example use an excel spreadsheet, where I keep track of all my monthly income and spending, and divide them accordingly.

The biggest advantage I got from this so far is spending higher amounts of money on educative courses, that for some may seem expensive, just because my Education Account had the enough funds to cover that. So no regrets there. Also, I was able to give money in unexpected situations, like for example when someone asks for help on the street ,without stressing about it, because I had enough gathered in the GIV account.

I don’t spend all that is in one jar in one month. For example I don’t travel each month, but when I do, the amount gathered in the LTS account by that time is enough to cover my expanses.

Money Secret number 3: Thank you! In and Out


I guess we all are familiar in one way or another of the importance of being grateful for the rewards we receive.

But, have you ever consider saying thank you for all the money that you spend?

Now this is an important secret, that a lot of wealthy people practice, and it’s not that popular.

Every time we spend money, we tend to feel bad for the physical money that we loose, and not appreciating the value that we obtain for that money.

The most common scenario would be the day you have to pay your bills. How dare these major companies or people take all of my money, and get rich on my expense? But how about appreciating that you have electricity, a commodity not a lot of the world population has, that you have internet access, that you can communicate with your loved ones in an instant, that you have water at demand, cold and warm.

It is very important to stay in a state of gratitude not only when you receive money, but also when you spend it (by appreciating what you get in return, no matter how small, even being in a form of a life lesson), clearing out any blockages and negative emotions surrounding it, thus allowing more of it to come towards you.

Money Secret number 4: Passive income

Our society seems to associate money with work, and revolve around the idea of active income. When you work, you make money. When you don’t work, you don’t make money. This strategy can indeed keep you busy for a long time, but it can also become a block in your overall happiness, becoming a slave to the system, in order to survive, and dreaming for that far stretched retirement, to finally get some rest and do what you love.

I don’t know about you, but this strategy just sends shivers down my spine. I don’t want to work everyday, to be able to rest after dozens of years, if I make it that far. I want to relax everyday, to have the freedom to take a vacation anytime I want to, and to work anytime I want to.

Is that even possible? YES, by developing passive income streams. Passive income means you work only once, to create something of value, that can bring you income for the rest of your life, even while you sleep.

This creation can be : a book (you can publish it on Amazon by yourself) , an online course ( you can use or your own website)  , digital products ( illustrations, art, colouring books, to do lists , cards- anything that can be downloaded and printed at home, I recommend ), writing self development articles ( on you can make money out of that), creating an Youtube Channel and making money out of the commercials posted on your videos., selling stock photos and so on.

If you are not a creative person (although I think all people are creative and that’s why we are here) , you can think of vending machines, renting something ( your bike, your car, your apartment) or something called dropshiping (you can check out for more details)

Once you have a stream of income in place, you can develop an other one, or simply connect them together. For example if you have a youtube channel, you can also write a book on the topic, and send viewers to your book, or vice-versa. Make sure you chose something you are passionate about, to be excited about what and why are you doing it, because developing passive income may have a slow start and take some time before offering a steady income, especially if you still have a 9 to 5 job on the side, or any type of active income activity.

When starting to work on a passive income project for the first time, and you still have a 9 to 5 active job or other responsibilities I recommend either taking a long vacation to dedicate your 100% focus on it, or to take a longer break in between jobs (when you change your job). This strategy worked best for me.

If you don’t have that option, you can dedicate time by waking an hour earlier each day to dedicate it to your project, or going to bed an 1 hour later. This strategy can work for a limited period of time, because you will face burnout. Also the progress will be slow, and interrupted.  You can also chose to dedicate your weekend time, but again, it will work for a limited period of time, cause you will have to set aside other activities, like fun, relaxation, and spending time with loved ones, which are crucial for your overall wellbeing.

Money Secret number 5: Work Ethics


Have you ever heard those stories about business men, or business type people, who open one business after the other, bringing them to a high success then closing them and moving to the next thing “that sells” or is on trend?

Well, these type of people, among others,  are the ones that do business only for the money and nothing else, and once the money stops coming in, they drop it and chase the next thing, leaving them less time to actually enjoy the money they make, and living in a perpetual state of stress and fear for the future.

This “instinct” is actually programmed in our heads since we are little, for the benefit of the large corporations that need you to work for them. The truth is there are a lot of corporations and businesses that do no have the greater good in mind, so they need you to fear for the future, and not question the ethics or morals of the company you are working for. They take away your attention from the reality, with fancy offices, and fancy job titles, or other perks and advantages, that in fact mean nothing, and look away from the fact that their product is ruining the lives of people or has a negative impact on them.

An Uber driver can feel 10 times more fulfilled than a high executive in a glass box.

Having that in mind, being abundant also involves working with honesty, integrity and truth. The money that comes into your life has to be clean money, meaning, in some way has helped or brings a great value into people’s lives.

What activities I find of great value: services like transport (trains and trams, bicycles) , care, organic & healthy food, organic clothes), recycling companies, clean energy ( solar based, wind based) , activities that lift people up ( through music, dance, arts , sports) , tools and apps that makes life easier or that motivate to do better, education (courses, books), travel and so on.

What activities I don’t find of great value : banking, pharmaceuticals, Media ( TV and other streams), Mass Media ( facebook, instagram, snapchat), junk food and synthetic food, drugs and alcohol, synthetic clothes with unethical backgrounds, automotive industries, wood factories, companies that use animal products (involved in slaughter ) ..I’m not going on..I hope you got the point. Usually a lot of these companies seem all good at the surface, but you start the notice the “dirty” stuff once you get in.

These things can differ from person to person, but no matter where you work, and what you do for money, just make sure you truly believe that the source of money is something that brings value into people’s lives and doesn’t ruin it in some sort of way. Of course there will be cases when people get hurt anyway. There are 1 million ways you can die, haha. But it is important the intention that it is behind it, and you can notice that clearly, from the behaviour of your top management. You can always sense if the intentions are in making more money, or helping more people.

If you have a business of your own, again make sure your intentions are pure at heart, and that what you are doing brings value to others. No matter how small the monetary rewards are, the feeling of abundance is 10 times more satisfying.

Money Secret number 6: Embracing Nature


Whenever you feel worried or stressed about money just go spend some time in nature and notice all the abundance. Preferably it should be in the spring and summer time, since the colour green is the symbol of abundance, along with gold. But there is no limit to notice abundance when it comes to nature: notice the number of blades of grass, the number of leaves in a tree, the number of clouds in the sky, the number of grains in the sand, the number of drops in the rain or the number of stars in the night sky. Connecting with nature is a guaranteed way to feel abundant, and the more you practice it, the more you will feel abundant in other areas of your life.

I hope this article was helpful. If you want to find out more information on these topics I recommend the following books and articles:

The 6 Jar System :

Passive Income:

Lots of love and abundance to you all!

How to stick to healthier habits and not give up

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If in the past you had several failed attempts in changing some bad habits and you lack motivation to start over, I will explain to you why that may happen and hopefully find a way to get passed it.

Each time you start making a major change in your daily routine, there will be an intense period of discomfort as your body transitions and adapts to the new situation, which is perfectly normal.

For example if you start exercising , you may get sore muscles, if you start a healthier diet, you may experience fatigue, headaches and cravings, if you start waking up earlier in the morning, you may feel extremely sleepy all day, if you give up a drug consumption you may experience sweating and trembling. This period of discomfort can last from 1 week to even 1 month, depending on how major the change is. I like to call this period the “critical point”, because you will be very tempted to give up, feeling that on top of the fact you see no beneficial results, you feel even worse than before!

Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 16.05.08

It is crucial than once you touch the critical point you don’t give up, and continue with your new improved habit!


Whenever you want to make a huge improvement in your overall well being, a lot of force takes place, but in order to make that jump, you first must take a step back or downwards, in order to have a better propulsion force. Like a rocket launch. 🚀

This phenomena can be noticed everywhere in nature. Just picture any animal trying to  make a high jump. In order to do that, they first bend their knees and even their whole body downwards, and then push ahead.

Photo by Thijs van der Weide from Pexels


Now that you understand why it feels like sh*t to change your habits, it still can be too painful and hard to keep up with. Here are some other tools that can help.

  1. Make sure the first habit you change is your diet!

This one is super important and it will make it less painful for you. Before diving into exercising or any type of habit that requires energy, either mental or physical, make sure your diet is full in vitamins and minerals, and not from tablets or powders, but from real fruit and vegetables. Make sure your diet is sugar free, and even gluten free.


Improving your diet above anything else, will give you more energy, more vitality, more clarity and more happiness and positive emotions, as the things we eat can drastically influence our hormons, thus our mood swings.

Once you have your diet in place, changing other types of habits is a lot less stressful and painful because you have the energy support and the happy mood to sustain it.

2. Attach an emotional background to your purpose

Emotions are so electrically charged, that it would be a waste not to take advantage of them when trying to make a huge change.

Think of an emotional reason for which you are trying to improve a habit. Maybe you want to give up drug addiction for the happiness of your children, maybe you want to lose weight to feel more confident and attractive for your partner.

Just find an emotional feeling that you can access whenever you feel like quitting, to push you forward.

3. Journal everything!

Take rigorous and very detailed notes of how you your new habit is going and how it is influencing your day.

For example:

“25 may: today I woke up at 6:45 a.m. It felt very tiring, especially because it was very cloudy outside. I almost stayed more in bed, but I knew that it will make me feel worse if I fail, so I got up. I took my nike snickers this time. They seem more comfortable. This time I could run 5 minutes straight without any pause. I feel just a little sore now”

This type of journaling, not only helps you keep track of what works and what not, making improvements a lot faster, and identifying blockages, but it also helps for overall motivation, having a detailed view of your progress.

Nevertheless, I’m rooting for you! Don’t give up!


How to get over someone

dry rose flower next to broken heart shaped cookie
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Breakups can be really hurtful and painful, to the point where you can feel stuck or  scared for life, falling into bad habits, or afraid to invest in new relationships, keeping you blocked from new opportunities.

First of all, how to recognise you are  NOT over someone?

  1. You constantly see signs that reminds you of them (maybe you hear their name, hear a song that you used to listen with them, see their favourite dessert and so on)
  2. The things that remind you of them trigger a painful and intense emotion inside you, like grief, sadness, even anger or frustration
  3. You see them in other people
  4. If you start to date other people you always compare them
  5. You stalk their social media frequently or ask about them in your common friend group
  6. You dream or daydream about them pretty often

Causes for not allowing yourself to move on

I always say the first step to overcome a problem is understanding the root cause. Once you become aware of that, a deep relief may happen inside of you, making you relaxed and accepting of healing, thus further action on your part not being necessary. That being said, let’s dig in:

Cause no 1: You still love them

There is a strong misconception around love, and that love is something romantic that you cannot control. Actually love is an energy that flows through you from God, or Source Energy or whatever you wish to call it, and you CHOOSE to direct that energy towards a specific person, because the qualities they posses makes it easier for you to do so. The presence of that person makes you more relaxed, and happy, thus making you more open to receive Love energy, and then redirect it.

Once you realise that Love is energy, you can continue to send that person love from a distance, if you chose to do so. You don’t have to stop loving them if it is over. The pain is actually more intense when you try to stop yourself from loving them, because what you are doing is actually blocking your energy supply from the Divine. Allow yourself to feel the love, no matter if you are with someone or single, thus making you more happy and more open to meet someone new.

Cause no. 2: You feel guilty

It may happen that the reason you separated was because something you did that upset your partner. Maybe you lied, cheated or disappointed them in some way, and every-time you think of them, this deep intense sensation of guilt keeps you bound to them.

In this type of scenario it is vital to consider forgiving yourself, rather than seeking forgiveness from you ex-partner.

It is not your responsibility to make someone forgive you. That’s their decision. If they chose to hold on to the burden of hate or whatever negative emotion they may feel for the rest of their life, that is on them. Your responsibility is to forgive yourself, so you can feel at peace. Sometimes the ex partner may totally have forgiven you but you still feel attached to guilt. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to get back together. Forgiveness mean the release of any negative emotion regarding the relationship, so you can move on with your life.

Cause no. 3 : You feel wounded

Now this is the other end of the stick, for Cause no.2, when you are the one who has been betrayed, lied to, cheated on, or so on.

Even though I understand that such situation can cause a lot of pain, I want you to take in consideration the idea that a person cannot hurt your soul. Most likely your pride and ego is hurt, because your soul is too busy being unconditionally happy. Your soul is out there dancing and smelling the flowers.

Once you reconnect with your soul , forgiveness is really easy. In fact you start to see the whole thing like a normal experience and you become eager to see what life has in store for you next. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to get back together, or that an apology must take place. It just means you release any negative emotion attached to the situation and you move on with your life.

Cause no. 4 : You’re disconnected from yourself

If your life is generally dull or boring, and you need attention from other people, to feel happy and excited and passionate, then the breakup will be extremely painful on you, as a wake up call to focus on your own happiness and inner joy.

You cannot depend on other people to make you happy, because then you will also depend on them to make you sad.

Maybe it’s time to find what sparks you in life , what is your purpose, how you can contribute to the world, how to be more present and enjoy the small things, how to be more grateful and loving, and figuring out what gives you passion.

If you already have a list of things or activities that bring you joy and happiness , by yourself, that includes at least 10 items, then you can skip this and move on to the next cause.

Cause no. 5 : There are energy cords between you

When you connect with someone either intelectual, emotional or sexual, energy cords are formed between you, so the information exchange can take place. Usually these cords are dismissed once the interaction is over, or even after a few hours or days later, but if the interaction was very deep and intense, or held for a very long time, the cords become so strong it can take years to be dismissed, and you must take action to clean your energy of them.

I recommend a guided meditation to do this. Just search on Youtube the term “energy cord meditation” and chose one you feel most pulled towards. I can’t recommend a specific one, because every person is different and what works for me, may not work for you.

Cause no 6: Karma from past lives

Karma is unfinished business and there are chances it was passed from previous lives you spend together. If for example in a previous life, you were the daughter and he/she was the father, and the father tried to control the daughter to the point where she left home and never spoke to her father again, then that unresolved situation has such an intense emotional charge that it remains stored in your energy body, and you take it with you in the next life. In the next life you may chose to come as lovers, so that the sexual attraction and infatuation keeps pulling you together so you can resolve your misunderstandings and forgive each other. In fact the more inexplicably you feel an intense and magnetic attraction towards someone, the more likely you have some important spiritual lessons to learn, and conflicts you need to close.

But if in the moment you meet one of the partners is not ready for the closure and spiritual lessons, then he or she may run away, or ghost, leaving this feeling of unfinished business and leave you with a deep need for conversation or closure.

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to make the other partner co-operate. Most likely if they run away, they will encounter the things they ran away from in the next partners until they learn.

From your end , the thing you can do is, forgive the person and forgive yourself, accept the fact that you may never get closure and being ok with that, and most importantly try to understand the purpose of meeting this person and what lessons you had to learn from this interaction, so you won’t repeat the same cycle in the future. Be conscious of every emotion you experience, and if it’s negative and intense, try to identify what causes that, and how you can heal it.

Cause no. 7: You have to create a masterpiece

If you are an artist or any kind of project creator, then most likely your most profound and daring projects were inspired by intense negative emotions, that pushed you forwards like a rocket. 🚀

In our despair to get out of a dark place, we can get inspiration for transformation, or redirect our 100% focus towards a project to distract ourselves from emotions. In the long run, this project may have great impact in our lives, and it could never have been possible without a good kick in the ass or in the heart.

So every time you feel hurt from the heartbreak, use it as fuel in your creative activities. You never know the impact it can have in the world.

Cause no. 8: You have a spiritual mission together 

This one is less common but I will treat it anyway. Sometimes you agree to meet not to resolve a conflict or to learn a specific spiritual lesson, but because you have an important mission on this planet. This mission can be from starting a business together  to conceiving a child. But if you break up, it may mean that one or both of you was not ready for the mission and still has work to do on them on their own. Time apart may help with healing and preparation for the mission, and while being apart, even though you are happy and focused on your own personal goals, it may still be very hard to forget this person, because you have a inner knowing that you will meet again. Of course meeting again is not a guarantee since everyone has free will and can chose a different path in life, so it’s best to not wait for anyone and move on with your life, with no worries.Don’t stress about dating other people or moving to a different country. If it’s meant to be, it will be, at the right time.

OK. What now?

Once you identified the causes for not moving on, from time to time, go back and check if you moved on or not. If you feel you haven’t moved on yet, it is very important to avoid dating other people. It will only cause confusion, miss understandings and even suffering on both ends. It is only fair to declare yourself in truth single, once you got rid of past baggage, so you won’t project all your frustration and problems on others, or to keep yourself from giving in to a new person , cause you still hope to reconcile with your ex. Just give yourself more time, patience and compassion, and try to enjoy this period of rediscovering yourself and knowing yourself better.

Lots of love to you all!






How to find God

Whenever I write something on a controversial topic it usually works like this: I gather information from multiple sources through a period of time, (usually a couple of months), through books, documentaries, youtube videos, meditations and dreams. I don’t have a specific intention to do this, it just flows.  And then it happens:

I wake up in the middle of the night or very early in the morning with my mind racing, and receiving information about a new article that I am supposed to write, and all the informations gathered somehow clicks, and the puzzle is finished.  Today it was about God. After all the information arranged in my head, about what I have to write, I looked at the time and it showed 05:50. Without fault, every time this happens, the clock shows a repetitive number, confirming me the Universe supports me. It may be 4:44 or 02:20 or whatever. Usually I get very excited, but this morning I was like, OK, OK, got it. Now let me sleep.

Let’s dive into how to find God.

One day, I was feeling lonely, and wondered if God feels lonely. I wondered if He created us, not to feel so lonely.

The answer is quite the opposite. God felt perfectly fine just being on its own. The moment it started expanding, and dividing, thus separating oneself, that’s how loneliness emerged. The bigger the separation is from the source, the more powerful the feeling of loneliness is.

Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 20.43.22(Side note: What I find kind of funny right now, is how youtube starting to play this song in this very moment:

It is said that OM is primordial sound) But anyway…

Why God had to separate itself? Well for knowledge, self discovery and expansion. You can see yourself better when you have a mirror of yourself, or several mirrors. Also you learn a lot more about something when you look at it from different perspectives, and angles.

There is an ancient Indian story for this , where God is pictured as an elephant, and described by some blind men , which symbolise all the religions of the world. The men assert the elephant either like a pot (the blind man who felt the elephant’s head), a winnowing basket (ear), a plowshare (tusk), a plow (trunk), a granary (body), a pillar (foot), a mortar (back), a pestle (tail) or a brush (tip of the tail).

So everyone felt something different when touching the elephant (God), but it’s the same elephant.

We all are parts of God, separated from Himself, gathering information about parts of Him. By all, I mean, all humans, aliens, animals, plants, rocks, planets, stars, suns, ALL of IT! Yes God wants to know how it feels to be a rock, or a microbe, or a drop of water.

All the information gathered is stored in a place called the Akashic Records. This is like a huge library, with information gathered from all the beings ever lived in every dimension and plane and body. Google has ton of information on the Akashic Records so I’m not going there.

An other metaphor for God would be a tree, where we all are its leaves. We somehow are separated and individual, as each leaf, but are part of the same tree, and in essence we are the tree. All the sunlight we gather (information, experience, knowledge), we share between us, and use to feed the tree. We are an organism, and we can communicate and share wisdom between us.

So if for example, you as an individual learn something, and in your egotistical mind believe you are keeping it to yourself, guess again!  actually, everything goes into the Akashic Records and stored there. And most of the information is accessible, either conscious throw meditation, or unconscious during sleeping. This explains how the exact same ideas or things are invented by people worlds apart with no contact to one another. So if you find out something wonderful, better not keep it to yourself out of greed. Let it free so we can expand faster.

How God divides itself? Picture a cell or bacteria dividing. In the process, the separated parts forget their Source, and who they really are, which is God. Some religions depicts this as the fall of the angels (Lucifer) and so on. But eventually we all return back to Source, our Home, and start to remember and reconnect.

How God feels like?

This will also be unexpected to you, because a lot of the times He is pictured as some kind of bright light, or happiness and bliss. Some angelic beings are like that, yes, but not God.

Actually God is complete darkness, and silence. It’s a dark void. 

That is why I cannot stress enough by the importance of meditation and quitting the mind. The ancient Egyptians build those dark chambers to meditate in, with no sound and light, so they can connect with God.

Why would you want to connect with a dark void? How can that bring you any good?

Well from my own experience, connecting to God feels like connecting to a battery. You recharge yourself. It’s so quiet, and still, that you feel at peace and at flow. You can finally relax.

And from that point of nothingness, that point of stillness, the desire and power of creating WORLDS emerges. Creation is most powerful from nothing. Because when there is nothing, you can create anything. The possibilities are endless, and are not influenced by anything. You create something complete new. It’s a blank canvas. Or better said, it’s a black canvas, for you to paint on. The Bible describes the power of creation, when God said let there be Light, and there was Light. In that void, it’s that simple. It’s really fun.

How to see God?

Simple. Look in the mirror. Specifically look into your eyes. It is said that the eyes are portals to the soul. Well yes, but more than that, they are portals to God.

Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 21.23.44

I’m going to end this article by actually feeling very grateful for this current lockdown. At night it gets so silent and dark, that I can feel God perfectly and align with Him.

I hope you find this guide helpful on how to hear God, understand Him, see Him and connect with Him.

P.S. I’m calling God, a He, Him, because it’s easier this way, in the explanation,  and it shows respect, for Him and all of us that are Him.  But honestly, it makes no sense to give a gender to a dark void.

Lots of love!